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Q: in superview mode does the case shows up in the footage?

Asked by larry.tanjj on 2018-08-26 20:08:17

DarylFannin no it doesn't show

2019-02-23 18:41:31 Helpful (0)
Answers (2)

Q: pinout for the fc? uarts?

Asked by CpnMercury on 2018-08-01 14:19:41

dlfannin Looks like the diagram shows 5 uarts and a 'RC in" pin. I would think the "RC in" is using one of those uarts so I would guess the other 4 uarts are free. Thats just my guess.

2018-08-13 16:37:39 Helpful (1)
Answers (1)

Q: do you have no shame?

Asked by Iamrezn on 2018-06-22 08:24:14

dlfannin LOL,

2018-06-24 17:41:14 Helpful (0)
Answers (1)

Q: is there built-in OSD (voltage, time, name) like in S1?

Asked by doboz on 2018-01-18 03:07:12

dlfannin No it does not. I dont know why the person said it does.

2018-02-16 23:39:09 Helpful (0)
Answers (2)
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