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Jakob No you have full control on the output power with the board. you have like 1 to 10 steps. and in step 1 you have 0 (off) to 100 with an interval of 1, and that is only step 1 from step 2 to 10 (10 full power) you have steps of 10% for each step, so 9 steps from 2 to 10.(10= full power). only at step 1 you have 100 intervals. but the board have a seperate 2pin TTL interface, so you can override the board and just TTL control it from other parts (TTL 0-20khz, 3,3v to 12v). the switch on the board has 3 states, "On" (board control output like above) "On" (TTL input control is) and "off" (OFF). still early testing for me, but my early testing shows a tad over 4watt. optical real-power on the few testings i have made on my 2 laser power meters. but i do take my readings at +1feet distance and with colimating alignement-lens to fill my LPM sensor head..

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