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DrRadium Filters sold separately! There are some respirators on banggood just like this one but with a starter set of filters, costing more obviously. Just look around. The filters you are looking for are the P100 2091 filters. The P100 filtration is also sometimes added on to organic vapor or other filters. These will work but cost more and are more than you need unless you are worried about virus and paint fumes at the same time, Keep in mind that this is overkill for almost everyone risk level, and it is very hard to be understood while wearing these. However, they are awesome if you are working in really dusty environnents and a literal lifesaver if the dust is toxic like asbestos. They filter out >99.8% of particles if you have them sealed correctly.

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Q: is this auto dimming like the rear mirror in my truck?

Asked by Spazzzz on 2018-03-21 04:21:20

vlada it's different. Auto dimming doesn't exist, but is somehow present ... you have like 20% less brightness all the time, including during the normal day. The mirror is Large-large and there are 2 rubber bands that fix this tablet like device onto your actual mirror.... and so the device is shaking in parking with the engine started. The rear cam is very very clear but it's impossible to determine the length up to the next obstacle. Good device after all, mainly for recording the front and the rear.

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