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Q: Are these shoes washable?is there a option of COD?

Asked by BG182124436 on 2021-10-24 10:26:16

Oziumentisis Washable by wiping with a wet cloth yes, in a washing machine I would say no, it’s leather. These boots are also not waterproof and leak at the stitching.

2021-10-25 07:53:14 Helpful (0)
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Oziumentisis Because, until me, a verified purchaser either hasn’t had the time to respond or I’m the only person who ever bought one.

2021-09-04 08:45:45 Helpful (0)
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Q: With the rapidmix module is better mix mode or diversity mode?

Asked by BG145671112 on 2021-09-04 08:27:37

Oziumentisis Mix mode is best. It receives on both antennas and combines each signal into one to form a more stable feed. Diversity mode uses one antenna at a time depending on which one has the he best signal at that moment.

2021-09-04 08:40:27 Helpful (0)
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