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Q: What are the brush sizes in this set?

Asked by TimoV on 2019-04-05 04:09:46

angelika007 from 1"to about 3"

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TimoV None that I have found. The main problem with this unit is that the enable signal works backwards. The laser is off when the signal is on. This requires a lot of software to be rewriten (doesn't work on grbl) or a hardware signal inverter (just a transistor and few resistors).

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TimoV No!!! you should throw that IDE drive to trash as soon as possible. Only SATA drives supported.

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Q: can I use it to sterilize water

Asked by DenisKesselaers on 2020-06-22 04:24:02

TimoV This is just normal colored leds. It doesn't do anything.

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