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Q: boa noite, preciso só da ponteira da caneta, tem?

Asked by Nardi83 on 2021-08-26 08:43:53

BG183217411 So buy it, what's the problem? there us many options to choose from, just find what suits your needs more

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WannasRall Hi Nardi83, Such small measurements of AC currents on this device is not accurate at all, although the DC current measurements in the mili-ampere range is quite decent when compared to a more expensive Fluke multimeter, around 60% accuracy is obtainable. Hope this helps. Regards

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Herby Try it. You wont hurt it. It will maybe have a low scale like 2 amps which is 2000ma. Herby

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Q: Estou comprando a caneta MT 007 Pro color screen , tem em estoque

Asked by BG345114949 on 2021-07-20 03:55:34

Nardi83 Boa noite, tem só a ponta de teste da caneta pra vender?

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