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audi100 the fimi mini pro Will be less than 250, Will be released soon too. Don't know if the pro battery could be used in standard version, it's li-ion VS Lipo and voltages are different.

2021-03-31 09:14:32 Helpful (8)
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audi100 seems to me it should have the opticam flow sensors. saw some reviews (captain drone) wich say it has. was considering this one but only if the sensors are there.

2020-12-25 09:44:39 Helpful (6)
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Q: does anyone know if it has a Brake function and how to set up?

Asked by audi100 on 2020-09-15 01:39:36

bobnik89 57=0,

2020-11-11 11:39:22 Helpful (2)
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