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Q: What is the length of the bits?

Asked by 3majsiemaciek on 2023-04-28 11:41:30

Kosane72 10cm.

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BG161416159 This will dig nothing into the forehead and use is not painfull. Because very soft headband acts just like mentioned sponge or soft insert as it can be seen on pictures. There is no buckle-skin contact at all. Trust me, i own one. :-)

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3majsiemaciek Thanks for your time

Toofen 30/05/2023
This is just a short more of an first inpressions/unboxing review. I havn´t had the time to really take it for a longer ride yet. The shipping was resonably quick about a week up to Finland. It came with UPS and was trackable all the way. It came packed in a sturdy box and had a lot of padding so it came to me in perfect shape. The assembly was quite straight-forward, but the instructions were not really that clear on all stages so prior experience in bike building is prefered. But on the other hand it is not at all a difficult bike to assemble. I had a small hickup with the top-bracket beeing the wrong way on and i almost assembled the front fork the wrong way but that was a quick fix. Overall the quality is really good! It really feels like a more expensive bike. The paint is perfect without imperfections. Everything is straight and adjusted perfectly. The brakes dont squeak, the gears engage perfectly and there are no rattles or other stange sounds. The motor is really powerful and i mean REALLY powerful. With the highest power settings it really accelerates quick. Just be prepared that it is a big bulky heavy bike, its no small bike. So without powerassist i think it would be a hard bike to pedal. The only small downsides that i have found so far is that it didn't have any speedlimit set from the factory (at least here in FIN you can go max 25kmh and this easyly goes beyond that. And on that note there were not any instructions for the display so without that you really have hard time of setting that up. But luckilly i found them online and with a quick read of that it was quite easy. I will provibe the link here:
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3majsiemaciek Why did you give 5 stars then, if you have not tested anything? You dont even know if they are fault free...

DelfimRodrigues 03/05/2023
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Q: Maverick Quantum flux is it ok?

Asked by Veszter666 on 2022-03-25 05:27:43

3majsiemaciek Yes, but you might want to look for a faster servo than this for your fast truck

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Q: Would this work in a hpi bullet st 3.0? It has servo saver horn?

Asked by BG113412211 on 2020-07-05 07:53:04

3majsiemaciek Yes it will, servo horn is part of your car, and you can install it on this servo, as well as any other servo of this size

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Q: will this fit the Flyhal FC610?

Asked by RobotHAX on 2023-05-11 05:02:14

3majsiemaciek Yes it will

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The seller 1500mah

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