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HazzahFPV Brake on stop: Brake on stop can be enabled or disabled. When enabled, brake will be applied when throttle is zero. For nonzero throttle, this setting has no effect.

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Q: Can you use separate inputs for each ESC?

Asked by mike_o on 2022-12-07 02:22:43

nathan2ba yes this one does along with daul 4.12. the red white and black wires you see on this board plug to your rx, directly across the board from those 3 wires you'll see 3holes that you'll need to solder your servo plug wires into and plug into 2nd channel on rx, remaining programing done thru vesc. tool. b careful vesc daul 6.6 plus does not support 2 channels

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mike_o Maybethe water entered with the compressed air when you filled it? Try googling requirements for diving grade compressors or something...

BG464315321 08/07/2022
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Q: CZ warehouse, pls!

Asked by mike_o on 2021-02-09 01:05:41

Cardboar ok

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Q: where can I find the 300A version?

Asked by mike_o on 2021-02-18 10:17:01

The seller

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Q: LHD or RHDjQuery11130116585133091758_1610089788562?

Asked by mike_o on 2021-01-08 01:11:27

BG111144324 عزيزي البائع لا ترسل الطلب

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Q: Does it work with cuav pixhack v3?

Asked by jaimer on 2019-11-28 04:07:19

mike_o Yes, just set serial protocol to "10",

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Q: what is input voltage

Asked by cagdas_kazanci on 2020-12-05 09:38:06

mike_o 2-6S This one has the wide range SMPS

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