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Dabad plug and play, mine was set for 7s, most likely yours as well. just plug phase wires of motors into controller, motors will spin regardless of whether the hall wires used or not. can be used on hoverboard wheels to make giant off road board too.

Brandon Piner 2019-12-12 23:10:28
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Dabad Buy jueshuai scooter at Ali. Much more reliable service and backup with parts and warranty. Jueshuai and ali x.

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Dabad Prease folgive us Chy-nuh ish unleriaball. We try to take money yes please thanks.. oh so solly we send u wrong item.

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Q: is this the complete frame or just the front forks

Asked by BG544513783 on 2020-09-03 04:51:21

Dabad Be careful, after a month waiting I just had my order cancelled by Banggood without any reason, and my refund was $20 less than what I originally paid. Very suspicious, verging on fraudulent

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Q: how many cells in battery pack?

Asked by Dabad on 2020-11-08 03:45:00

Michald Hello, dear customer. You can contact our technical customer service via email. He will answer professional questions for you.

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Q: When will it be back in stock

Asked by BG233216482 on 2020-11-03 07:00:11

Dabad Banggood do this all the time, they sell stuff they don't have and collect thousands of dollars from waiting customers. Only to say after purchase that it's not getting shipped for months. It's called floating a business on customers money.. it's illegal and frowned spin in the business community as it's poor management that leaves a business with this option. So without admitting it Banggood is sending us a clear message.. we use your money to run the company, pay wages and go on holidays we clearly haven't earned as we haven't shipped the product customers paid for.. same thing happened last year with two motorwheels, I bought them and shipping time kept getting put back.. three months later still no wheel still poor excuses..

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Q: hello, does this scooter have a bridle wire at 25km / h? thank you

Asked by BG151391831 on 2020-08-11 10:10:04

Dabad In programming you can set in there to 50% power so full throttle is only 50%

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