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mimixtz This quad does NOT shoot 4k video out of the box. It doesn't record any video in fact. That is why there is an option to install action camera on it for that purpose. I can't provide any precise information about the weight since I have totally modified mine, but out of the box it is one of the lightest 3 inch cinewhoops (if not the lightest) on the market.

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mimixtz Hi,what is the weight without and with the battery you have achieved? Are you flying this on 3S - what kind of battery are you using? What kind of motors are used - kV rating? Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

MAXGOREAL 03/11/2018
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Q: what size screws are used to secure it?

Asked by vanhoek006 on 2019-09-30 02:53:10

mimixtz They are not standard metric type screws. They are like ''wood style'' screws, tiny, with sharp tip and rough thread. I hope you know what I mean.

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