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deepblue you should find your happiness on this site ... Good patience ... slash article slash 15 slash service-mode-fectoty-setting-menu-all-lcd-led-tv................... One of my cards purchased new, was already locked upon receipt. Menu 1147 saved it the trash!

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Q: Can I use it for cutting XPS foam?

Asked by farkasszem on 2020-10-17 09:44:48

deepblue Yes if you use a thin thickness less than 5mm and especially if the surface is painted in black to absorb the laser beam and especially not in white which would make the beam reflect and cause damage to you by burns ...!

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Q: works with a samsung ltn154at07?

Asked by sergiochogamez28 on 2020-09-16 08:52:03

deepblue You must first find the characteristics of your LCD panel at this email address: Step 1: Find your LCD model's resolution (you can check the resolution from this link: ( index.php) Step 2 then compare the cable data (LVDS) characteristics of the converter for exemple: ---> lvds cable 2 ports 6 bits 30 pin long: 250 mm. Step 3 number of tube CCFL needed for power converter card. Personally I use IBM DELL HP LCDs without any problem with image quality or video format. I use analog cameras for video surveillance with these ultra-flat LCDs, to give them a second life. the card sold by Banggood covers a wide range of LCD resolution. It is the LVDS cable and the number of channels of the power supply board for the CCFL tubes which are the most important elements to check. you can buy on site Banggood a set of cable LVDS that cover a large kind of manufacturer example: 14Pcs Universal FPC LVDS Display Cable Support For 10 - 65 Inch..LCD. display You can reload the firmware to adapt it more finely to your type of LCD following the procedure described in the characteristics of the converter card on the banggood site with SKR8503_100.bin My cards all started up the first time even without updating the software.A little patience and adjust the image well with OSD (on screen adjustments) the result is surprising in image quality.

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Q: can someone tell me how to get the app and how the wifi works

Asked by Franko on 2020-09-06 04:18:17

deepblue Hello. For you. Q: Where can I download the app. to manage the cube with the mobile phone? A : or look at REMARKS and ... 5. fonction APP is supported only by Android 6. File: Click here to open <--------------------------------

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deepblue Yes it's annoying to always go back to the mini SD card and I use an SD card extender to avoid handling the motherboard's SD card holder too often. This extender is sold for a few euros and it is very practical. May be an idea for you. I use it on CNC ender 3d pro and raspberry pi 3 and 4

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Q: 32bit control board?

Asked by joea32 on 2020-08-13 08:42:24

deepblue Absolutly YES. CNC master 2 is well working on DELL optiplex 7xx under XP 32bit and on LENOVO X200 under seven 32Bit

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Q: where do find the instructions for DIY kits?

Asked by BG453735921 on 2020-08-06 08:10:45

deepblue The instruction manual is a PDF linked on the BG site, it's one of the best manual I've seen for DIY kits Soldering instruction: Click here to open...... just at the top of "specifications" I d'ont write more!

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Q: does this laser come with UK plug

Asked by morgan9864 on 2020-07-30 02:27:48

deepblue Banggood pays attention to the place of delivery for the type of plug to be delivered. Be on the safe side by specifying it in the comment to seller area in your payment method. I have it delivered to France and I have never had a plug type compatibility problem, even without the comment And this is my 4th CNC laser and milling machine from banggood!

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Q: is it capable to measure the energy produced by a solar panel?

Asked by oldBen16 on 2020-07-17 05:05:46

deepblue Absolutly NO. PZEM-022 Open and Close CT 100A AC Digital Display Power Monitor where AC means alternating current. A solar panel supplies DC direct current You need a solar panel regulator, battry and at last an inverter DC-to-AC to give un alternating current 110V or 220V, Only after this inverter, you can connect this PZEM-022 AC modele. The power measured after the inverter will be lower than that supplied directly by the solar panel, the regulator, the battery and the inverter each having a loss of efficiency .... Choose the special large-amplitude DC meter, certain configurations of solar panels can clearly exceed 220vDC when empty.

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deepblue NO it's a SINGLE OUTPUT 12VDC power supply. The residual voltage between earth and the + and -12V outputs is a so-called parasitic floating voltage. Generally it is the -12V which must be connected to earth for all that is amplification circuit to avoid this parasitic voltage which creates significant residual noise in the case of switching power supplies such as this module. You need 2 identical modules to create + and -12Vdc, where the 0V will be connected to the ground for the assemblies where the noise factor must be as low as possible. you will use the -12v on one of the modules and the + 12V of the second module. The + 12V of the first module will be connected to the -12V of the second module. This connection point will become the 0V of your assembly. Then connect the 2 masses of the modules together to earth and if the noise factor must be as low as possible connect this common ground point to 0V

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deepblue The controller card is too weak to support such power (size of regulators), type of components, cooling ventilation too insufficient. It would be desirable to have a power card controlled by the base controller and supplied directly by a separate adapter The controller board of the basic kit is already heating up too much from my point of view, and on my 2 kits, I have already mounted a fan for the basic 7W laser

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Q: vocês tem a curva de potencia desta turbina?

Asked by filgueiras on 2019-08-31 06:15:07

deepblue Ces renseignements ne sont pas livrés avec l'alternateur. Les 5 pales de l'hélice auront un rendement plus important à vent plus faible et le choix du 24V permettra de limiter les pertes en ligne si votre câble électrique est long et vous évitera une section trop importante pour justement limiter les pertes avec un courant fort. Tablez sur 800W en continu pour vous éviter de mauvaises surprises. 12A par phase sous 24V *3 (sortie triphasee)

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deepblue 2018-07-10 16:57:18
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