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rpzingg Iused it to monitor a lead-acid battery (12V), not sure if the voltage range from 18650 is suficient to power this display.

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Q: What else do you need to get started with this? Just a 9V battery?

Asked by BG561354223 on 2021-11-20 12:37:01

rpzingg Well,you need an microcontroller (e.g. Arduino) and a programming environment (e.g. IDE). No battery needed: the Arduino is supplied by USB from the PC, and the Arduino provides power to those components. There are many software examples for using these parts in IDE.

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rpzingg Calibration range of one unit insufficient to get current and voltage to agree with a power supply.

rpzingg 17/04/2021
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rpzingg Sodid mine. With the number of doownloads I guessed any issue would have been made public by now. I now use video0 from the app store to have an English version. Use it also under BlueStacks 5 on a windows PC.

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