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Q: Whats the difference between dual mode and wired?

Asked by BG221938148 on 2021-06-09 09:46:37

VayneADC dual mode means you can use it with either cable or Bluetooth, wired means only cable

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VayneADC Ordered 13/11, arrived 22/11. The packet was at perfect condition. The overall impression is good product, 8 out of 10. But build quality is not perfect, 3 plates are not exactly same size, there are slightly differences between them. Some switches are a bit loose, when I use key puller, they come out with switches too. And lack some key combinations. Typing on this keyboard feels pretty comfortable, don't need wrist rest. Good for being the first mechkey, or first hot-swap keyboard.

VayneADC 22/11/2020
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Q: can you case swap?

Asked by BG161713641 on 2020-11-11 10:08:22

VayneADC if you find a case that have fit screws

2020-11-20 10:55:34 Helpful (3)
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Q: Does it support QMK?

Asked by BG819386111 on 2020-11-13 05:06:19

VayneADC Nope,just OEM software, you can find in product details section

2020-11-16 02:36:30 Helpful (1)
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