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Q: how long is the battery life?

Asked by NOLSEM on 2024-01-15 01:01:55

BG123518174 Batterylife highly depend on the amount of automated recordings per day, usage of infrared illumination and how often device is accessed by device app.

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Q: O GPS é free?

Asked by ac8alves on 2022-03-16 08:25:47

NOLSEM in thia iteam u must insert sim card with internet.

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Q: What is its weight ?

Asked by wolliwi on 2021-12-30 06:57:58

NOLSEM the weight is not high. put on a Dachshund breed of dog, I would say fit.

2022-01-28 07:10:35 Helpful (0)
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Q: Can I connect it with utp cable and get power from it?

Asked by kougis on 2022-01-09 04:03:44

NOLSEM this model does not have an utp cable connector. need to use wifi. the camera has a power supply.

2022-01-28 07:07:17 Helpful (0)
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Q: do I need an abonnement?

Asked by BG204540401 on 2022-01-19 11:28:17

NOLSEM it depends on the network plan. gps tracker uses about 30mb per month.

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