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Q: Why is this tiny plane so crazy expensive?

Asked by alasdairMcC454 on 2022-01-03 08:05:30

heelzfanjb23 this is a twin motor plane that is 4s capable out the box. If horizon built a plane like this, it would cost 200 bucks. I guarantee it. You look at that new twin 40mm F-14, they want 300 for it. similar jets from other manufacturers are 120. So this plane is at the right price point.

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Q: What type of bearings does this servo have?

Asked by alasdairMcC454 on 2022-04-23 06:33:52

Taradiddle plastic

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alasdairMcC454 CV indicates constant voltage and the current is not exceeding CC value enough to lower the output voltage from it's set value (regulating voltage). The light is not a warning, it's just indicating stable output voltage. If other powered devices are seeing a voltage drop, that indicates the CC value is too low for the load, remember electric motors draw substantially more current at start up than when free running, so CC value not only needs to exceed this reqirement, but the entire system needs to be capable of delivering this higher load demanded.

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