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gk1975 Yes, it supports ACCST protocol. Might need a firmware flash on Module and RX. If you just want to use R9 you will be better off (easier) to get a FRSKY module, this will be easier and maybe even cheaper

2022-05-25 01:08:44 Helpful (0)
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Q: what ESC for 2820 motor

Asked by tmader68 on 2020-05-06 04:14:55

tmlkndz can I use 4s lipo with br2820 1650kv motor? did you try 4s lipo for 1650kv motor

2020-10-02 07:18:52 Helpful (0)
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The seller it is CCW propeller, if you want to change it to CW direction, you should change the propeller to CW too.

2020-10-13 05:38:11 Helpful (0)
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tmlkndz I am using Matek f765 Flight Cont.(inav firmware) and X8R receiver with X9D Plus SE2019. Can I see data like yours on the control screen with this card. What should I do for it. I would appreciate if you help.

manul 06/02/2020
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