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Q: What about NFC?

Asked by Salamakis on 2023-01-16 03:52:42

The seller It does not support NFC function.

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ruslangapurov1 Можно подключить к компьютеру, если ваш компьютер поддерживает блютуз . можно в авто которое поддерживает блютуз и FM .

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gbrookes Yes.Set your phone to find blue tooth sources and this device to receive blue tooth signals. Connect the above device to your computer via the 3.5mm audio cable supplied with the device and connect it to the microphone connection on your computer. Play the music on your phone and transmit it to the above device using bluetooth. If your phone has a microSD card transfer all your music to the SD card and take it out and insert it into the above device and connect it to your computer using the miniUSB connection.

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