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mcv93us 16/09/2023
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Q: is the price for just one bag?

Asked by ALBAIZ on 2018-07-06 03:35:51

mcv93us Si, il prezzo è per il singolo pezzo.

2021-10-02 02:38:36 Helpful (0)
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Q: Indian type 3 pin plug available?

Asked by manojpahwa78 on 2018-07-15 10:00:05

mcv93us Per l'S20 non ho trovato tanti tipi di prese compatibili.

2021-10-02 02:37:47 Helpful (0)
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mcv93us I drilled some cherry boards without any problems. Obviously you have to push a little at a time but then you see that the hole does. Flaring takes longer but that works too.

2021-08-10 10:51:49 Helpful (1)
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Q: no pueden enviar a Estados Unidos?

Asked by Rafael Cocito on 2021-03-25 06:42:33

mcv93us I imagine so, after all, during the purchase phase, it is clearly indicated whether the product can be shipped to one's own country.

2021-07-20 12:39:10 Helpful (0)
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Q: can I use those with a 3018 cnc?

Asked by BG345475735 on 2021-04-11 07:50:28

mcv93us The countersink bits have a hexagonal shank while the other bits for use with a pillar or CNC drill have the classic round shank.

2021-07-20 12:37:06 Helpful (0)
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