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gnodde Well,after using this phone for less than 3 months it died: it doesn't boot anymore, crashes somewhere in the booting proces. So now it's worthless, can't even flash a new rom, because I can't get the rom-image in the root of the phone (because it won't start up). It's a pitty that I can't edit my original review...

gnodde 19/11/2018
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Q: it is global version ? it is New?

Asked by Ricardo Cea on 2018-10-31 02:55:07

gnodde It is new, and software is global version.

2018-11-04 05:21:57 Helpful (0)
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Q: Does It Have Place For An SD Card

Asked by muhatasimsiaam8 on 2018-11-01 09:16:50

gnodde No

2018-11-04 05:21:00 Helpful (0)
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Q: What is the power of the peltier element?

Asked by gnodde on 2018-07-08 03:12:38

Stevo 0 - as the chip is not included :-(

2018-07-25 08:37:37 Helpful (0)
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