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Q: Why is the jlb chetta no longer available for Mexico?

Asked by JPGR on 2023-02-22 12:25:56

The seller Sorry this product is clearance sold out,you can choose other crawler truck like RGT or zd or wltoys brand

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Q: Is it going to be available again?

Asked by JPGR on 2023-02-16 18:58:48

The seller Yes,this car will be available on Feb 25-28th

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Q: Puede remplazar el de stock del 104009?

Asked by JPGR on 2022-08-30 18:04:36

The seller No,this drive shaft is for wltoys 104001 car

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Q: What is the diameter of the pinion?

Asked by JPGR on 2022-04-30 01:02:17

Gugman Ifyou look below in the description you can find it and it shows the following... 19T Pinion Gear Spec: Item Number:2178 Item Name:Motor gear 19T 0.7M Material:Stainless steel Color:Grey Product... See More

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