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BG132220525 This answer is wrog they have different motors on them the freestyle has propper motors the baby ape ans baby ape pro have non spesific motors

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Yakky Sorry, still can not make sure the arrival time. It is not compatible with Nazgul5 V2. Nazgul5 V2 replace arm buy this one. See More

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Q: is there a 4s version?

Asked by GertJan83 on 2022-08-01 14:25:00

deespe On the Foxeer website a 4S version is listed but didn't find this one on Banggood. But I can tell you the 6S version goes like hell!

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Q: how will it fly on 4s?

Asked by GertJan83 on 2022-03-25 06:48:49

Linvil It is recommended to use 6S, the power effect of 4S is not so good.

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