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Punctule The motor and ESC support 4S, but the original propeller is relatively large. The 4S battery can only be used after the propeller is changed into a smaller propeller.

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Q: Что тамс носом?

Asked by BG413254046 on 2022-02-26 10:40:56

Markem The nose is not sold separately.

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Q: Можно использовать 6 s lipo?

Asked by BG413254046 on 2022-01-16 02:23:54

tschmutz8 When using the PNP version you should only use a 4s Lipo. Because the ESC and the EDF can only handle arround 16.8V max. But when using the kit version you are choosing what ESC and EDF you put in it.... See More

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