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Q: Se puede usar antena LHCP?

Asked by BG494844220 on 2022-11-01 11:44:54

fullspectrum You can use LHCP antenna's but you need LHCP on goggles and LHCP on the VTX. Most analog use RHCP and digital systems use LHCP.

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Q: Which is the diameter?

Asked by BG494844220 on 2020-09-18 11:29:49

BG575541510 2pair

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Q: When is in stock?

Asked by BG494844220 on 2020-08-19 11:20:43

Endos Sorry, at present, we still can not make sure the arrival time.

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Q: Do you Have in stock?

Asked by BG494844220 on 2020-08-06 20:48:46

Sandy Out of stock now

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Q: How can I buying this lipo?, is not avaible to México

Asked by BG494844220 on 2020-06-04 01:20:25

Effervescent Because the epidemic situation is serious,lot of logistics channel closed.Pls consult for detail.

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Q: Hi, can I use it with Dron Lal5?

Asked by BG314865537 on 2020-06-02 01:00:49

Teleboooobies Ifyour Lal5 have a compatible receiver (take an xm )

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