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Q: what is the diameter of the axis of the wheel ?

Asked by ghoumard on 2021-08-19 12:45:30

rickc_rcav8r 3mm? Pretty close to . I am having to use a 5mm length of heatshrink tubing over the long axle BOLT to fill the bit of slop in the OleO Strut portion of the axis . Not a big thing but it IS necessary ... See More

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pens Ioccasionally had malfunctions when operating 2 vehicles! However, I do not know whether it was the second vehicle or another defect or interference signal.

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Q: quel batterie faut-il acheter pour cette radio ?

Asked by ghoumard on 2021-01-17 12:37:15

BG502556513 I got mine with Novice 4 kit and that kit comes with a two 18650 holder that has a compatible plug into the TX12. I its a tight fit, so if choosing take note of the size of whatever you buy, hope this... See More

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BG413838173 i have novice 2 and they dont have 4 holes but 3 in triangle

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Q: est ce que l'on peut monter ces pneus sur une 144001 ?

Asked by ghoumard on 2021-04-24 11:35:38

Leepwas Yes,you can install

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