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The seller Hi,Wltoys 144001 car do not have extra plug to connect this fan,so if you want to install,you need to connect with external power or you can choose to change 3ch transmitter receiver,then you can inst... See More

2022-06-23 21:27:10 Helpful (0)
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Q: Funciona bem com câmaras de ação gopro etc?

Asked by Vinha on 2021-08-31 03:57:45

Simo I put it into a safety camera that record in full HD and it work good

2021-08-31 05:20:40 Helpful (1)
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Q: Xt30

Asked by Vinha on 2020-10-02 09:30:43

raivis11 xt60

2022-02-07 06:34:28 Helpful (1)
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Q: E compativel com TinyHawk Emax?

Asked by Vinha on 2019-10-19 06:51:05

aktanahmet Ürün daha elime ulaşmadı. Ulaşınca detaylı bir incelemede bulunacağım.

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Q: Preciso de óculos e comando DJI?

Asked by Vinha on 2020-08-01 08:09:32

poet ele vem sem óculos e controlador

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Q: Radiomaster is compatible

Asked by Vinha on 2020-07-27 03:18:19

dengjunbao i think it can compatible

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