Send a Gift to Your Friends

Give Your Friend US$20 & Get a 10% off Allowance.


1.If your friends successfully register from your link they will be sent a US$20 coupons package valid within 7 days.

2.For every friend that successfully placed their first shipped order over US$17, you'll get a 10% off Allowance valid within 15 days.

3.Allowance can be superimposed with promo, coupon and points.

4.Only one Allowance can be used per order; the Allowance can be redeemed for US$10 at most.

5.If your order which uses an allowance is refunded ,allowance will not return.

6.You can check your allowances in "My Coupons".

7.There are only 350 allowances to offer every day.

8.Banggood reserves all rights.

Choose your sharing channel

How it works

  • 1.Choose a sharing channel
  • 2.Choose your sharing contents and share to your friends
  • 3.Your friends sign up for a US$20 coupons package and place an order over US$17.
  • 4.You will get a 10% off Allowance, which can be shared with other activities.