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Q: does it use 110v or 220v ?

Asked by trihuunguyen on 2020-08-11 04:18:30

BG310531220 is it 220?

2021-12-05 08:33:19 Helpful (0)
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trihuunguyen 2021Apr26 -Sorry. I Mixed up the items. I have received 10 units of SKUF63922-25022976. This units has ONLY 2 Wires that marked 220v.. I will try to control the motor in series mode to see what happen... if it works with 220v in series. I will try to se iff it work in 110v..The speed control of AC power should not reduce voltage. They must be done by lowering frequecies.. let see how it goes.

trihuunguyen 22/04/2021
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