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hkocznar 17/06/2020
I'm a bit torn in half, I ordered 2 of the 70 MHZ versions and they arrived in very short time. Bad #1: Though they both arrived with empty lithium cells, likely all 4 batteries are chemical damaged. I'll need to find out how badly. Bad #2: There is not even a single sheet if instructions, no precision sheet, no manual, no first use sheet nothing. What's the difficulty to sit down for a few hours and write up a short manual ?? Bad #3: I have bought many oscilloscopes from 30$ up to 2000$ and I've never in my life had an oscilloscope come with less probes than it has channels. This one comes with only one probe, I checked and it indeed is sold like that.. That doesn't make it better. Bad #4: In the middle of my first test it just shut down, losing all settings and configurations I made. It was hooked on USB power and I did not let it idle. I hope it's a one time thing and not a defect. Bad #5: The menus are not too intuitive, not a big problem and probably you can get used to it quickly. Those bad points summed up means the manufacturer neglects the device and it's customers in a way I don't like. If the manufacturer put a bit love into this product, delivered it with instructions, 2 probes and the batteries either blocked (a plastic strip) or not empty I'd give this solid 5 stars. The good news: #1 It feels like quality, it is heavy and seems durable. #2 I've tested the scope a little bit, while the controls are not very intuitive it seems working well. #3 The DMM multimeter menu is not the most intuitive one but it's fine #4 The DMM reacts quick and it seems to have great precision, better than my two 250$ multimeters here (tested only DC V). # The materials you receive are of good quality, the 2 BNC crokodile clamps are fine, the test leads are great and of very low resistance and the ONE probe seems to be of good quality either. Funfact: There was an instruction manual with the scope but it's for the probe. Finally: The price is very low: buy it
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hkocznar 07/07/2020
Latency, Useability, Image quality checked: Alright, this is a preliminary review, I'll need to spend more time. + The goggle comes perfectly well packed, reading the manual pages is a good idea because the menu buttons are simple but you need to know how to use them. ~ It comes without antennas, you need normal SMA antennas. - The lenses are too small, they are nice adjustable for almost any head and eyesight but they are tiny. This means that the sweetspot to view the screen is also too small, you can not really view all of the screen without distortions. They should learn from Oculus and HTC-Vive in that regard. ~ Screen quality is interesting, I come from the EV800D and the FOV there is larger (zoomed in). The colors are more aggressive, they are sharper but also flickery. The cheap EV800d had a smoother image at a lower resolution. + The battery pack is great, mounted on back of the head and well designed The big topic, all of the internet is full with negative headlines on the huge latency of the EV300D .. I was very sceptical about my purchase so that's the first thing I checked. I did NOT update firmware so it should be the 80ms latency everyone whines about. 80ms is quite high for FPV but how much does it matter ? Some science about latency: Human reaction time is in average 215ms, my reaction time is around 195ms, most young talents will have a time of 170+ms. The fastest possible conscious time is said to be 150ms and reflex time without conscious thought is around 80ms Our eye is faster than our reaction, 25fps appears perfectly smooth to our eye (that's 40ms delay between pictures) I did a reality test, I put on the Googles and switched on a Quad, then I moved my hand quickly back and forth. I was not able to notice a delay, my brain felt "normal" seeing my hand move. Conclusion: While the latency issue is a setback, you are unlikely to notice it without the use of special testing equipment. I doubt you can notice anything in flight
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Braindog Look on the iflight store for xl series. its listed as nazgul xl5 and if u need the wirering diagramm go under electronics for the f4 stack. in the description is the diagram

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