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Q: Is possible English manual for downloading? Thank you 😊

Asked by Libor on 2021-11-24 02:21:22

gilaz I asked customer service and they don't have English manual. I haven't found one on the internet either.

2022-03-16 09:55:18 Helpful (0)
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Q: Does it fit a boiler (water heating) ?

Asked by BG918362483 on 2022-02-10 05:56:02

BG424437361 I think yes, but I use it for control air conditioner power monitoring

2022-02-10 06:02:58 Helpful (0)
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Q: hey, i am a online seller, can you allow me to sell your item?

Asked by BG924435395 on 2021-06-09 06:32:06

BG424437361 Item was delivered, everything is okay thank you 😊

2021-06-09 06:59:15 Helpful (0)
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