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Q: is it 32dp 48dp 64dp or module 0.8 or module 1.0 ?

Asked by wolfman on 2018-02-23 04:03:55

xtRaymon21 All available pinions and spurgears are available 48 pitch and are es

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xtRaymon21 I’ve read your review and would love to see the video of flashing the firmware, doing a self diagnose test and auto home the probe. Too bad the video wouldn’t play anymore but besides that, thanks for your post anyways.

LuMic 20/04/2021
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xtRaymon21 It is the same type of thermistor E3D uses in the V5 and V6 J-head hotends and indeed have a different diameter and length as most commonly used heaterblocks. Therefore it can be a bit confusing to order when descriptions doesn’t mention the anomaly compared to other thermistors of the same category. What i should suggest you maybe able to do as a way to solve this problem (if you are handy with drilling machines and precise metal shop crafts again not afraid to use your skills….) Also if you weren’t able to send it back to the company that you’ve bought it from!!!! DIY, and bring in a small amount of deeper drilled hole of 2mm increments and also with a 2mm diameter drill, in the upper already existing M3 threaded ‘fastening’ point or ‘mounting’ point of the thermistor. If you just work it up to the dimensions of the thermistor’s length you’ll be golden.) For this result you will have a very good and secure working thermistor that will exceed the average measurement of your previous faulty one. This offcourse is just a tip without the encouraging word from me to you taking any risk worsening your problem with the purchase while there’s been a way easier solution to just buy a new correct piece for sure. 😉

keapifinn 05/09/2021
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xtRaymon21 At first sight it looked exactly as you described, the fully executed version of the more well known brands that have less features on this type of developed i3 machines with a rigid frame. Thanks for your review of this gem!

lroge 22/12/2021
The packaging: Everything is perfectly protected, despite a few knocks on the box everything arrived in perfect condition. Contents of the kit: Everything is there, the necessary tools, a cutting pliers, a usb key with examples and an electronic version of the manual, a PLA spool, spare parts etc. Assembly: Very simple, only 6 screws, in 2 minutes it is assembled. The manual is very clear. Features: This printer has everything you need to make your prints, very large! The possible printing volume is really huge 300 *300 *350 mm it is a giant! You will find an automatic leveling, be careful however to make a first manual adjustment before using it, but this is anyway always the way to proceed before a first use. It has a filament detector which is a real plus. A good size color touch screen, two usb ports. Printing: After correctly setting the z-offset it is a treat, fast, quiet, accurate: a really good machine. The firmware: It is complete, easy to use with the touch screen, you will easily find how to configure and use this printer, moreover 7 languages are available, French/Chinese/English/Spanish/German/Korean/Russian. In conclusion: A real good surprise, a complete printer, really well equipped, easy to use with quality prints made quickly and in silence what more could you ask for... Not easy to find the firmware to update it, the site given is only in Chinese, well it's possible to get there with an online translator like the one provided by google. The manual, although it allows you to assemble and use the printer, should describe in more detail the functions of the firmware. This would have been welcome for beginners, or to configure the wifi. An experience of 3D printing is necessary, to use all the possibilities of this printer, the slicer recommended by the documentation is not free, but the Cura software or equivalent will do the work of slicing, too bad there is no template for this software, so it will have to be configured manually.
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xtRaymon21 Any brand Tx and Rx you like, as long you buy the Transmitter (Tx) with the Receiver (Rx) that’s from the same brand and compatible with your Transmitter. There are some different brands that are backwards compatible (so as an example; I buy a Tx from Kopropo with FHSS4 protocol, what means the type of language that the Tx ‘speaks’ to receive an answer from the Rx) that must have that exact same FHSS4 protocol as well. You can then insert the connectors from your servo and from the ESC into the Rx, insert the bind plug connector or push the bind button on both Tx and Rx, connect battery and power on Rx as last by plugging in the battery, Always first put on your Transmitter and select it in binding position. Please keep a manual on hands closely during the bind procedure in case I have forgotten something or just told you one step in the wrong order. Have fun with this great hobby. I hope I’ve been useful to you with my answer to your question.

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xtRaymon21 The reason for not including a SD-card isn’t on behalf of some costs reduction on this case and therefore many other brands. It has something to do with this type of legal restrictions of distribution of this kind of essential software that is stored on that type of hardware on what we are so used to receive by this kind of purchase. Please don’t be mad at BG hdd

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xtRaymon21 Hello there dear likewise 3d printer enthusiast. May i be so free for giving you a little bit of advice on your 0,40 mm bended rails as well as the other 0,01 mm moving 2 remaining sliding blocks? You can adres the first 0,40 mm deviate bended rails quiet simpley when you use on the both sides of the railing 0,20 mm thick metal fillerband to compensate the amount in the middle by tightening the middle slightly till the required amount of force to secure the compensation. The both ends you will have to put the filler stroke of 0,20 mm also slightly tighter than the middle at first. Then you will have to crosswise L1-R1 ansoford to make the connect fermly to the middle of the rail. You will see immediately results in the straight line of the railing. Hopefully this will help you out with the bended rails or rail.

Bimmermb 13/02/2021
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xtRaymon21 Danke schön für Ihre super senden wie diesener 3D Touch wirken solten und machst für Dir. Alleine Deutsche leute folge Ich dafür das Gründlichkeit.

BG310143823 10/08/2021
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Q: Hello does it works with a pnracing 50 turn motor?

Asked by peter.k.pinter on 2020-01-06 07:01:07

xtRaymon21 Yes it will work fine.

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Q: will this work with the kt-432pt tx?

Asked by Jamie on 2021-08-21 04:13:59

xtRaymon21 No, the Tx you mention was branded other than Ko Propo.

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xtRaymon21 Repetier Host is a whole other sort of software whereby 3d printers in general do work on. I don’t think it’s bad or anything. My experience with repetier is the complete opposite of what for instance Cura or 3dSymplified, Pronterface software witch all offers the file converter software that writes a 3-axle or multiple dimension type of GUI and control. Repetier can take all software related issues out of the users hands and head….. If you use a new mainboard and perhaps also new stepper drivers you need to flash the firmware in the complete new system setup with even the motors and the display, endstops etc. connected to the board. Only the powersource needs to stay loose (DON’T START SOMETHING ON THE PRINTER WITH A CLEAN AND FRESH INSTALL TO PERFORM AT ITS FULL POWER CAPACITY IT WILL FRY OUT ALL YOUR COMPONENTS IN WITCH YOU’VE INVEST) and flashing firmware will usually go by USB-FireWire cable deliver no more than 5 volt. Now the trick is to understand what the electric components at least need 9 volts for this type of hardware.

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