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casom Gostei do seu comentário, bem explícito, deu uma boa informação para quem se interessa por uma boa camera. Fiquei com uma melhor ideia dessa camera

marivesel 10/06/2020
I'd like to write a full review of this camera. First let me say that I was really sceptical for this price to receive H265 5MP POE Camera, but after a month or so it was at my address, without any customs taxes, direct delivery to Bulgaria. Just attached it to my PoE Switch and everything was done! You can connect to the camera via any surveillance software for PC/Android/iOS etc. and view it remotely via internet or record to HDD on the PC. It also works on older H.254 systems, no problems. This camera really supports 5MP resolution (at 15fps), but dont expect some "wow" detailed image, it's not with the latest&greatest sensors, but it's nice to have it. The power consumption is 2.5W from PoE while recording at 5MP/15fps, gets a little bit warm by touch with the hand, but from my experience every camera does it. It's completely plastic both the mounting and the camera. The camera can be rotated by hand around 90 degrees. I won't use it outside or/and on direct sunlight, as the temperature differences would harden the plastic and will easily be damaged afterwards. Speaking of funcionallity, supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) by software, has a working audio recording (the mic is bad quality with interference noises, but you can understand conversation in the same room), the camera parameters are completely unlocked and you can add static IP, passwords, languages for the Web Interface, bitrates, exposure, night vision settings and many others. Also, it's not much old tech, as the build date of the my camera was 09-2019 (hardcoded in the firmware). This was the very best price I could find for a 5MP PoE H265 camera among all chinese sites, so I can't be any more happy, full 5 stars from me. What could improve - 3.6mm lens is a little narrow for small rooms, would be great to be able to choose a 2.8mm lens also.
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The seller Subscription to the cloud is not mandatory, and you can open the application consultation for specific charges. If you don't need a cloud subscription, you can use a memory card.

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Q: quanto é o preço de uma assinatura mensal para a nuvem.

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casom tudo mentira eu também comprei os filtros, e para minha surpresa eles não se seguram na lente, qualquer toque fá-los cair. Uma porcaria

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