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Q: 0.08*0.15mm isn't really a spot. it's more like a line, isn't it?

Asked by BG461650403 on 2021-07-21 03:38:25

BG183732404 According to the definitions in geometry, a point has zero area, and a line has zero width. In common usage a spot has dimensions and is not necessarily circular.

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Q: Are you sure you mean welding in the true sense of the word?

Asked by BG183732404 on 2023-02-18 05:28:21

BG461650403 it's a solder gun. it's written further down the title ;)

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The seller Hello friends, you can consult customer service if you have any questions about the product

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BG461650403 it'sreligious garment. what would you expect?

BG133615157 14/12/2020
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