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Q: What are the 4 wires? Can we get some labels on them?

Asked by RTE on 2019-02-04 09:28:07

Dave the white one is video in, the yellow is vid out, the black is ground and green is smart audio. i placed video in (white)to the video out of flight controller, then video out (yellow) to video in on the FC. I couldn't be bothered with smart audio, i could mow the lawn and get a better experience, but some FCs have a dedicated smart audio pad you can solder to. As for the black gnd, I didn't use as there is another gnd with red positive wire on the other side of camera which i connected to the 5V and GND of Flight controller. Nice tiny camera, don't know about its WDR though. Also you can't just cut the wires off as the video in and video out of the camera are looped together at the connector allowing the video feed from the camera(video out) to go to(video in) of the transmitter on the back of the camera so you can use it all by its self as an 'all in one' (AIO ) camera without OSD

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