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Q: Can it make hole on bamboo pipe?

Asked by Gulzar Nabi on 2018-04-11 05:50:21

drocercopiteco Probably it could, but I think you will have to repeat many and many times the same engraving job to the same point in order to remove the whole thickness of your bamboo workpiece. I suggest also to manually pull off the burned black material between each new pass, not to unusefully re-burn already burned material.

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Q: What is the 512x512 pixels size in millimeters or inches?

Asked by clane121 on 2018-06-23 12:38:13

drocercopiteco The other answer is wrong, correct size is 3,72 cm x 3,72 cm of maximum engraving area, because the resolution is 350 dpi. And obviously also because the physical space available for the laser head movement is less than 4 cm!

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drocercopiteco 10/03/2018
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