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Q: Cuál es el tiempo de vuelo de este avión ?

Asked by BG185538341 on 2022-08-27 11:54:04

Madav65 It depends on what battery you fit. Around 5 minutes with the recommended battery.

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Q: se le puede poner base para go pro?

Asked by BG171838575 on 2022-09-10 08:50:14

Madav65 No its a bit too small.

2022-09-13 12:40:50 Helpful (0)
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Madav65 Looking at the app, I can't see anywhere to change this. Its the same on mine.

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Q: Cuando enviarán el pedido?

Asked by BG573754505 on 2020-02-19 11:57:05

Madav65 Probably waiting for stock arrival

2022-08-21 12:41:56 Helpful (0)
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Madav65 Out of the box these are extremely nose light. Try adding some weight to the nose to trim it properly.

2022-08-10 12:47:03 Helpful (1)
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Q: How can i connect ibus to the controller?

Asked by BG244611121 on 2022-08-08 06:39:57

Madav65 You have to connect your ibus receiver to a RX pad on the flight control board. Then set the receiver type to Ibus in Betaflight.

2022-08-10 12:44:30 Helpful (0)
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Madav65 A 50mm ducted fan unit with brushless motor. 3s compatible. 4300kv motor. Buy it as a complete unit. Two sg90 or similar servos A receiver to suit your transmitter. A 30amp esc. ( I would recommend a Hobbywing) A 3s lipo battery. 1500mah seems a good size for these.

2022-07-15 12:53:11 Helpful (1)
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Q: can I connect a eachine vtx03 to the e10?

Asked by Joey351 on 2019-10-07 09:29:27

Madav65 You can fit a small fpv camera to most of these small drones. keep it as central and as light as possible

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Asked by BG153681010 on 2022-07-13 03:18:50

Madav65 Yes, the GPS will not work correctly and you won't be able to use the camera without a phone

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Madav65 09/10/2021
A nicely finished little model with more scale detail than the Mustang or Trojan. I already own both of these and I guess I was expecting a similar flying experience from this model. Unfortunately out of the box this is extremely nose light . I'm still working on the optimum Cg position but pushing the battery as far forward as possible and a second battery pushed in behind to act as ballast has greatly improved it. I will probably try a larger battery rather than just carrying deadweight, there is ample room for this. As supplied there is a massive amount of down trim on the ailerons, If this was intentional it makes the nose light issue even worse. I reset mine to a neutral position. Flight tests so far are much improved with the more forward Cg and the control surfaces set correctly. Keep the speed up in turns as it will drop a wing if slowed down too much. Make sure that you use the small headed screws to attach the tailplane. These fit inside the fueselage properly to allow correct attachment. This model has lots of potential and will be fine once trimmed out correctly. Sadly it is just not as well sorted as the previous warbirds, which are a pleasure to fly straight out of the box. Beginners will be better off starting with one of these as the P47 needs more work to get it to fly well. If I can work out what RC protocol this uses I will try binding it to my Jumper transmitter. This model really needs some expo setting up to allow it to fly to its full potential. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to use the same one as the Mustang and Trojan , which both benefited from a 40% expo setting on ailerons and elevator.
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