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Star_che flashed like a charm using silverware tools for Mac. on windows you have to use keil. I use el cheapo stlink v2 programmer

Star_che 14/08/2019
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Star_che 05/07/2018
it’s a great little machine don’t hesitate to buy it. It flies fine and brings a lot of fun. But. You have to deal with cons. I believe you can find pros in every other comment - like - it’s stable holds altitude comes with a transmitter has WiFi FPV option etc and its all true it is a very nice device for the price. Nevertheless there’s a whole bunch of problems you’re gonna get. I fly this quad for more than a month now and here are the cons I’ve faced — the drone can withstand some damage but you’ll break it anyway. The legs have a very thin plastic connection to motor shells (you can see that on photos) they fall off first. Next you loose clips that hold upper body part so you have to use rubber bands to hold it together. No you can’t but a spare body for that model sorry (thankfully it fits in cx-10wd shell but the screw holes don’t match use rubber bands). Neither you can buy extra batteries. Why make the battery detachable and not sell spare ones? A mystical secret it is. I solved this problem by soldering a LOSI connector to the board I also bought some crappy JJRC 150mah batteries and glued Velcro on the batteries and on the bottom of the drone 6 batteries give me like 15 minutes of flight time in total. better buy eachine batteries in bulk really it’s rather worthless with only one battery. my wifi module freezes for half a second every 10-15 seconds(the recorded video is also disrupted) not to much but enough to loose controls if you’re in fpv mode. I have a spare WiFi module and camera from cheerson CX-10WD and it’s so much better I’ve soldered it instead of the original. actually at the moment I fly a Frankenstein drone - eachine control board cheerson WiFi camera and body :) and it’s great))) My opinion — buy two of them you WILL need spare parts also you’ll get two batteries each for 3-35 minutes of flight time.
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