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Q: Can you adjust the hot water temperature or it is fixed?

Asked by andkalm on 2021-05-29 06:20:15

Patulous The smaller the water flow, the higher the temperature

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grfloater The heating works as follows: in the "hot" tube there is a water flow sensor, which triggers the heating element. So, given that there is enough "hot" water flow (above trigger point), you can mix it with (as much) "cold" water, with the mixing valve.

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andkalm 05/01/2020
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barny21 Gointo the settings and look for ( What the power button does ) switch the power button option from stand by to turn off. All lights turn off then and box shuts down all power.

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Q: Does it support 1tb external hard disk from usb 3?

Asked by theos dion on 2019-12-19 06:58:05

andkalm Yes it does. I have connected my Toshiba 1 GB drive and it works perfectly.

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