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timerguy Answer was no good. If i can not select what I want and have to rely on BG customer service to make it right, i will not buy.

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timerguy 2018-12-07 15:04:22
This is not as good as expected for the cost. The manual is lousy and fortunately I have a lot of drone experience. I have not tried the app or camera. Only flying with included transmitter. Let me list my initial reactions. 1. the manual is really bad for a product in this price class. 2. the manual says to use AA batteries in the transmitter but that is wrong, it is AAA 3. The batteries fit very tight and unless you are very very careful, they will not make contact with both ends. I felt the drone did not work as I could not get anything to happen. It was only after taking a multmeter to the battery compartment that I found they were not making contact at both ends. The average person is not going to find this problem. To get the transmitter to work you must push each of the four batteries at the negative end toward the positive end. You will know you have it when the LEDs on the front light up. Very poor design! 4. The little legs that fold down to provide a level landing surface do not lock into place and fold up so very easy on a landing. They should either be much stiffer or lock into place. I am considering using glue to hold them. If they are not down even, the drone will tilt and that transfers to the flying attitude. Again, quite poor design for this price level. 5. all the buttons on the transmitter can be confusing, particularly when some are dual function. The manual does a poor job of explaining these buttons and what happens when pushed under some circumstances. One would think paper is a very valuable commodity and they were trying to save on number of pages. Or paying an English language translator. 6. the description of what the lights do during battery charge are wrong. All in all not really worth the price paid.
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Q: will it work on 9v

Asked by science guys on 2017-12-03 10:19:21

timerguy Of course. But would not use it for very small currents like 0.025 A.

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Bungeyner247 This is storage bag. Maybe you ask wrong link.

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