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Q: is it APPLE MAC compatible?

Asked by m4rko on 2021-03-22 03:14:02

BG035710541 Yes it is

2021-03-23 04:47:15 Helpful (0)
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m4rko After 2 months it's not working how it should be. It worked normaly for a few days and then it started to work very unstable. I'm using this repeater for my smart TV and it's impossible to watch anything online. Interner connection is disconecting every few minutes and after reseting it's not worling again on any device such as Computer, Smartphone or Smart TV. It rarely happens that I can access the internet while connected to the repeater. I've been using another wifi repeater for 3 years before buying this who worked perfectly. I am very sad and dissapointed with the product I got

m4rko 07/02/2020
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