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B3bob mine came with drone, controller, AND goggles

2020-11-25 08:32:24 Helpful (0)
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Q: What is the temperature it supply?

Asked by BG135322151 on 2020-09-18 01:56:29

B3bob I do not know the exact temperatures, there are 3 settings low, medium, and high. on high it gets warm enough that it is uncomfortable. Mine are put away right now so I cannot measure exactly. I used mine last winter to sit out in the cold hunting. It kept me nice and warm. So I bought another one.

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Q: can this item be used with lap top, tablet or phone?

Asked by ScottBigDee on 2020-04-17 04:19:25

B3bob Does not connect to anything. You write or draw, and to erase flip the switch on back side to on and press the erase button.

2020-04-25 02:30:29 Helpful (0)
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B3bob You can. I did but went back to Ender3 because I liked it better. When they say silent it is not an exaggeration. I you buy this for noise reduction, you should also get Noctua fans, then you can forget the printer is printing!

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