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Q: can this transmitter and receiverbe use to op erate a plane to 10km

Asked by siddharth55kanp on 2019-09-09 04:16:12

kross1 We have gone to 4.4 miles on the 100 mW setting with the stock antennas before hitting failsafe. With better antennas, and using a higher wattage setting it will go further, but we have not tried yet.

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Q: does it update firmware for the reciever wirelessly?

Asked by JPRC51 on 2019-10-06 05:08:03

kross1 No. Receivers get f/w upgrades via connecting them via a 3-pin cable to the Taranis transmitter, with the F/W for the receiver preloaded into the FIRMWARE sub-directory of the SD card of the Taranis transmitter. This is comparable to how you upgrade the transmitter module itself.

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