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BG561516413 caddx v2 is dji compatible. dji uses the 5.8G transmition for video. analuoge does 2.4gz. and so does the new dji fpv drone (both 2.4 and 5.8) so yes. it works with dji goggle.

2021-06-03 10:43:07 Helpful (0)
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BG561516413 if you are looking around this page it shows a dc adapter that regulates to 24 volt. I got that for an aditional 10 and its perfect for the bench.. you can turn it off with the switch and take the ts100 with you with the extra cable

2020-08-02 07:44:15 Helpful (0)
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BG561516413 I have soldered it on -buzzer 5v and ground it works when I unplug the xt60. have set up a beeper switch. and beeper switch works with esc beeper when configurated for dahot esc beep. but the beeper switch does not work wirh this beeper. how do I assign the switch to the external beeper instead of the esc?

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