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JugaadGR Automatic function is super useful, as you don't need to swap around leads or figure which mode to choose.It is a bit inconsistent when measuring fluctuating voltages, but still REALLY helpful when you are on the field and working in limited space.

JugaadGR 12/04/2022
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JugaadGR DetectsX, gamma and beta. Alpha is quite weak and dissipates in air after few centimeters anyway, so there is a limited application field for very specific applications.

2023-03-21 09:58:42 Helpful (1)
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Q: Wich type of sensor is used in the device?

Asked by peterhuyoff on 2023-03-19 03:41:10

JugaadGR Geiger-Muellertube is used for detection (GM tube). It is mentioned as energy compensated GM tube.

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Q: does it work with Samsung s9 or Samsung s21ultra

Asked by gurkanapps on 2021-12-06 03:50:54

JugaadGR Workedwith my S22. S9 is quite a way back in time, so I cannot be sure, but S21 should most probably work.

2023-03-21 09:50:52 Helpful (0)
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Q: How far is the range

Asked by BG523317424 on 2021-02-19 06:04:37

JugaadGR Couldnot exactly verify, but for me it worked reasonably ok within the house and approximately 30m on open terrain.

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Q: does this support samsung galaxy m31 phone?

Asked by Nandishv on 2021-11-15 12:05:27

JugaadGR Shouldwork with most Android phones without issue.

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Q: can the battery be changed?

Asked by gbaldini on 2023-02-19 12:59:41

JugaadGR Youwill have to dismantle the unit.

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Q: There are two different spare parts pictures
which picture is right.?

Asked by BG516231422 on 2023-01-23 03:58:12

JugaadGR The pump comes with a car tire clamp. Also included are ball nozzle, couple of plastic cover nozzles and screw nozzle.

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Q: what is the accuracy of measuring

Asked by BG251120765 on 2022-12-09 07:38:45

JugaadGR Do not expect miracles, but the accuracy is very very decent for the price.

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