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JugaadGR Includedis V8X Pro. Jacks of the sound card are all 3,5mm. Included is also a 6,35 mono adapter

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Q: is it posible to buy only the sound card ?

Asked by BG571634043 on 2020-09-07 03:43:38

JugaadGR Youcan probably find another listing for it.

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JugaadGR Lifetimeis the term used for duration of measurement since resetting of cumulative dose alarm. Unless you keep it on all day everyday, 99.99.99 means 4 days of continuous recording which I can't see happening easily. Anyway I am guessing it will either continue beyond that, or rollover to zero. let me know if you find out!

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JugaadGR It detects betta, gamma and x ray. Even professional dosimeters measure the same radiations, since they are the most frequent danger. Alpha radiation dissipates easily and it is hard to come across dangerous sources. Some professional dosimeters can be upgraded to measure also neutron emissions, but is always optional. I used this dosimeter together with a Rados RAD-60 dosimeter purchased from Finland and they are close enough in measurements. The description does not state that calibration is included, so I can't say there is valid reason to be so annoyed...

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Q: vem o kit de microfone + placa de áudio junto?

Asked by Jussiê Rocha on 2020-09-06 11:56:36

JugaadGR Kit should normally include everything that is in the photo. So microphone with stand, mount and pop filter, cables, audio card, audio interface.

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JugaadGR Automatic function is super useful, as you don't need to swap around leads or figure which mode to choose.It is a bit inconsistent when measuring fluctuating voltages, but still REALLY helpful when you are on the field and working in limited space.

JugaadGR 12/04/2022
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JugaadGR DetectsX, gamma and beta. Alpha is quite weak and dissipates in air after few centimeters anyway, so there is a limited application field for very specific applications.

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Q: Wich type of sensor is used in the device?

Asked by peterhuyoff on 2023-03-19 03:41:10

JugaadGR Geiger-Muellertube is used for detection (GM tube). It is mentioned as energy compensated GM tube.

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Q: does it work with Samsung s9 or Samsung s21ultra

Asked by gurkanapps on 2021-12-06 03:50:54

JugaadGR Workedwith my S22. S9 is quite a way back in time, so I cannot be sure, but S21 should most probably work.

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