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marcelo souza 03/09/2018
This is the BEST screen i ever tested on my RaspberryPi ! The resolution is amazing, the setup is pretty easy, works with retropie and recalbox for retrogames, and linux too. PROS : - Amazing clarity and resolution ! - Easy to setup. - Don't use the HDMI ports so you can still using them to hdmi output. Just need to add some lines on Pi boot to detect the presence of the hdmi cable and send the output there. - Worked on All RaspberryPis that i tested : PIZero, B and B+ - Colors, speed and viewing angles are PERFECT. CONS: - It takes ALL GPIOs inputs. So it's not good for projects that needs the GPIOs free. If you want to add a joystick you will need to use the USB ports. - The backlight brightness level (There's a brightness button with 7 levels on the side) NEVER remember the level after you reboot it. I don't know if i can control it by software to force it to full brightness at boot. This is a bit Clunky. Hope is possible to control over software... - My unity has a BAD contact on the flat cable. Sometimes the screen get dimmed and barelly visible. Sometimes i have digital noise and turned out that its because a BAD contact on one of the flat cables. Can see how to fix this but doesnt happens all the time... - The screen is "glued" to a circuit board, but that board is a BIT bigger than the screen, making it MUCH harder to implement on my projects or to project a 3D printed CASE for it. I think it's possible but this assymetrical and strange design is not welcome for DIY projects. I hope to have a way to extent the flat cable on it and move it a bit away from the circuit board OR to have a smaller than the screen board in the future... That's why i gave it 4 starts. With a redesign that screen will be the WINNER of all screens for Rpi projects for sure. - Not sure yet if i am right, but it SEEMS that this screen takes a bit more energy than my other screens, since feeding with the same power supply now i am getting the tiny Rpi "bolt". I am pretty sure there's a way to feed the screen with another powersupply (There's a connector on the side)
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