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Q: What are the dimensions in millimeters?

Asked by stuart3g on 2020-08-15 11:45:04

Scott Hergott 25mm x 43mm x 10mm (width x length x height) Sorry, I am unable to give the switch size as I have already modified and mounted it internally to the RC car. Something to note, the switch is a momentary on (non-latching) switch, NOT A SLIDE switch as it appears in the picture. You need to push the switch in so it cannot be mounted in too small of a hole. Since it does not need to slide no additional space around the switch is needed. Note: Because it is a momentary on switch, any tach or microswitch on longer wires could be used without the need to consider a current rating. Do not use a latching switch as the ESC is not expecting the switch to remain closed and I'm uncertain what its behavior would be.

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