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Q: What LED strip connector should I use with this product?

Asked by BG183915105 on 2021-10-04 03:06:28

CyrusMonroe If you are talking about the power LED connector....Honestly, I would desolder the one on there like i did, and solder your own. I hooked up mine to my 12v battery(with a in line resistor for power rushing limiting), and it works for a long time, over 18hours(was the time frame for my retrobrighting). That was on 1, on the other it didn't even come with a connector it was bare solder pads. Which is the best, make sure you solder it yourself. I personally wouldn't use any type of connector as they have been known to just let go after a while if moved around a lot. Soldering avoids all of this as it is a robust connection. Just use wires to jump from one to the other.

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