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Kobie Be careful connecting a solar panel directly to it. When the sun goes down and the voltage from the panel drop, the pump may burn out. You will need a better setup than just a panel and a cable. You will need a cut-off when the voltage from the panel goes below, thumb-suck, 10 Volt to protect the pump.

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Q: I am unable to get the microscope to work on either a mobile or PC.

Asked by BG563481511 on 2022-04-15 04:16:48

Kobie Same here, the viewplaycap is outdated. Try downloading ;Amcap; and use that on the pc. Not a perfect picture, but useful. For Android phone I've found ;USB endoscope camera for Samsung, Redmi, Sony, Huawei; in ;playstore; that work. Only the low resolution is available on the ;free; download, but a clear and good enough picture.

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Q: can it be used to control a speed drill or grinder?

Asked by BG514437481 on 2022-09-25 02:27:59

Kobie If it is DC, battery powered yes. If it is AC, mains powered, NO, it will not work, you will let that smoke out that all electronics work with.

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Kobie No expert on this, but with some old school electronics experience. First thing, it is not a good idea to connect diodes, transistors and that kind of components in parallel, because of thermal run away. By that I mean that the hotter the semiconductor gets, the less resistance it have, and more current flow, and the more heat is generated. So, when, for example, two diodes. When one's character slightly differ it will heat up faster than the other one, get killed, and the surviving one will have to handle all the work, and therefore get killed also. If you put a good big heat sink on the .. I think it is thyristors, the two rows of black blocks, so that all of them share the heat dissipation equally, you may get away with 100 Amps on one board. To connect them in parallel may work, but I'm somewhat worried about the small differences in character of the two boards that may cause trouble. If you want to try the parallel trick, make sure to have heat sinks on both. You may get away with it,and it will be an interesting experiment. Good luck.

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